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Cheap Membership Site Installation

Membership site

Overview of Admidio

Admidio is a free online membership management, optimized for clubs, groups and organizations. It consists of classical management members from a variety of modules that can be installed and adjusted to a new or existing website. Registered users have your website by Admidio including access to predefined and user-configurable membership lists, people profiles and an Agenda. In addition, members may be pooled in groups are assigned properties and search for it.

Features of Admidio

Some of Admidio’s major features include:

  • Access control (protects data from the eyes of unauthorized members)
  • Freely configurable membership lists
  • Export of all lists to Excel, OpenOffice or as a CSV file
  • Appointment and announcement management with iCal export
  • Free configuration of groups, departments and Features
  • Individual rights assignment to groups, departments and Features
  • Upload, manage, and view photos in a photo gallery
  • Profile fields can be configured
  • Adjusting the layout with the help of different Plugins
  • Access to a database of several organizations and member data
  • Guestbook with commenting capability for all entries
  • Import new users from a CSV file
  • and much more …


Screenshots of Admidio

Appledew admidio 1

Appledew admidio 2

Appledew admidio 3

Appledew admidio 4

Appledew admidio 5

Demo of Admidio

Ratings of Admidio

Appledew admidio rating

Reviews of Admidio

by a Guest – Michael – October 16, 2013, 5:31 pm
it is a bit rough around the edges if you do not understand German! The application itself is very powerful, very adaptive and customizable. It has the potential to be a very, very useful app. The lack of English documentation may be a barrier to some. But AFAIK, it has no equal!


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